WE HELP PERSONAL INJURY firms land 3-5 high-value clients every month.

Laser-targeted advertising to attract your ideal client and grow your firm with confidence.

personal injury firms looking to grow

who we help

  • Do you represent a personal injury firm looking to bring in 3-5 high-value clients every month?

  • Are you struggling to create a consistent, predictable flow of quality leads for your firm?

  • Tired of buying and weeding through low-quality, dead-end lead lists?

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a scalable system


Through our Plaintiff+ System, we provide a simple-yet-ridiculously-effective solution to personal injury client acquisition. We empower you with the tools to be easily discovered online by your ideal client, dominate your market, and then dramatically increase your revenue.

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why personal injury firms love working with us:

  • No more splitting contingency fees or depending on word-of-mouth

  • No more paying good money for low quality lead lists

  • No more shelling out the big bucks for billboards or TV ads

  • No more waiting on SEO investments to pay off

  • No more relying on referrals from chiropractors or chasing ambulances

  • No more paying crazy $$$ to try to compete with Google paid search ads

  • No more relying on false promises from sleazy marketers

get to know us

who we are

Hanolt Studio is a multidisciplinary studio based in NYC and led by founder Chloë Lind.

We develop compelling visuals, stories and experiences that define and amplify your brand.

We have decades of combined experience working for Fortune 500 companies in roles across digital marketing, website optimization, design, journalism and web development.  

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We help firms dominate their market and grow their revenue with impactful branding, high-converting websites and targeted advertising that attracts dream clients.



Bring your firm to life with a visual identity that works seamlessly across both digital and physical spaces. Whether you're starting a new firm, or looking to rebrand, we collaborate closely to land on a design that reflects your values and helps you stand out.


website design

Build trust with your ideal clients and give them a reason to choose you over your competition with a compelling, high-converting website that delivers the right information at the right time to the right person.



Get consistent, unique and high-value clients every month with laser-targeted advertising. It's time to work less, make more money and spend more time with family. Or at the golf course. Or beach. Circus. Whatever it is for you.

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plaintiff+ System

We’ll chat about your business, your goals, current marketing struggles, and lay out an exact plan-of-attack for you to scale your firm. Then, if it sounds like it might be a good fit, we'll discuss what it might look like to work with us. No pressure, no sales “tactics.”

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our process


Everything starts with clear objectives and a solid game-plan.


We build out each campaigns carefully and quickly to meet our target goals.


After testing and approvals, we launch and monitor data closely.


We continuously test and iterate every campaign to drive optimal results.

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get your competitive edge in a crowded marketplace

Client acquisition can't be a "when I have the time" activity because you'll probably never have time. It's time to get consistent leads sent straight to your door with the Plaintiff+ System. Work less. Make more. Do good work. Then go spend time with family. Or on the golf course. Or beach. Or whatever it is. ;)

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Frequently asked questions

Contact us for more info

How can we get started with the Plaintiff+ System?

The first thing to do is to book a free consultation call. We’ll chat about your firm, your goals, current marketing struggles, and lay out an exact plan-of-attack for you to scale your firm with our Plaintiff+ System.

Then, if it sounds like it might be a good fit, we’ll go over what it might look like to work with us. No pressure, no sales “tactics.”


How long are typical contracts?

We don't have fixed contracts. Instead, we actually provide digital advertising services as a monthly engagement, enabling you to adjust as your business requires. We find many clients need to press the "pause" button from time to time when they are at capacity and really appreciate this flexibility.


How much does it cost to work together?

Great question! We get it, you're excited. Same here. However, we are unable to provide that information this early. That's like a doctor telling you the cost of a surgery before they even know what surgery you need. After we speak together and can better understand your particular needs, we'll be in a position to discuss pricing.


Do you provide pay-per-lead options?

No, we do not. We find that the most successful partnerships are with firms that are excited to bring in new business and enter engagements with a motivated mindset. We also don't “sit on” or “hold” leads to sell to clients. We work with our clients to create lead generation campaigns personalized to their business.


Do you any provide any traditional advertising or just digital?

Yes! While we are digital-first, we do develop out of home (OOH) advertising campaigns to compliment online efforts. We have a fresh, bold take in an often predictable space. Contact us to learn more.


What if my firm needs more than 3-5 leads/month a month?

The Plaintiff+ System supports the scaling of campaigns to meet your goals. How many leads you get simply depends on how much ad spend you want to invest. Our approach is to first test and optimize, then dial it up when we know what's performing best.